Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization

360 Accounting Pro Inc. offers non-profit organizations expert accounting and bookkeeping services.

Managing your finances effectively is essential for a non-profit organization to carry out its mission and give back to the community. However, non-profit accounting and bookkeeping can be challenging due to the particular reporting and compliance obligations.  360 Accounting Pro Inc. provides comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping solutions to meet the unique needs of non-profit organizations, as we are familiar with the challenges faced by these organizations.

Our services for non-profit organizations include:

Financial Statement Preparation : We prepare accurate and comprehensive financial statements, including statements of activities, statements of financial position, and statements of cash flows, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for non-profit organizations.

Grant Management : We assist with tracking and reporting on grants and restricted funds, ensuring compliance with grant requirements, and providing detailed financial reports to stakeholders.

Fund Accounting : We provide fund accounting services, including tracking and reporting on multiple funds, managing allocations and transfers, and ensuring proper accounting treatment for restricted and unrestricted funds.

Donor Contribution Tracking : We help you accurately track and record donor contributions, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and providing donor acknowledgment letters.

Budgeting and Financial Planning : We assist in creating budgets, monitoring budget-to-actual performance, and providing financial planning guidance to help non-profit organizations achieve their financial goals.

Compliance and Reporting : We ensure compliance with non-profit accounting regulations, including IRS Form 990 reporting, state and local filings, and other regulatory requirements.

At  360 Accounting Pro Inc., we are dedicated to supporting the unique accounting and bookkeeping needs of non-profit organizations. Our personalized solutions are designed to help non-profit organizations maintain financial integrity, transparency, and accountability while maximizing their impact in the communities they serve.

Contact us today to learn more about our specialized accounting and bookkeeping services for non-profit organizations and how we can help your organization achieve its financial objectives.

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